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Using an electronic locker


The electronic locker is currently a very popular storage facility. The electronic locker can be used in many places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, stations, businesses, etc. It can help us store what is not easy to carry, so that we can not use ourselves The troubles of the miscellaneous items, for the purchaser, buying this kind of cabinet can not only help consumers store some items that are not easy to carry, but also can reduce the occurrence of some stealing incidents, and can clean up the market space in one fell swoop. For more information, please click: Contact us.
In spite of this, after all, the electronic locker has only been seen or used, but it has not been managed. Its internal management content is still very rich. For example, if you forget the password, it can be opened to you through the management password. However, we do not want to introduce this function today, but we must introduce the function of one-button opening of the electronic locker.
Because as an administrator, the electronic locker cannot be used by everyone, so if someone saves the contents for a few days, then others will not use it, so most of the buyers will choose to stay in the evening. Tell these doors to open, then clean up the debris. But if we open one by one is very troublesome, and in the electronic locker system has such a function, it can turn all the doors open.
First of all, we enter the background through the management password, and then turn the page select the clear code this function, after all the doors are clear code, select a key to open, this time the door to open the brush, do not need us one by one to use management Password to open.
Electronic locker lost power How to open the door

Whether it is an electronic locker bar code or a credit card or a password, the seller will give you two keys at the time of handover. This key is to open the top cabinet, and the other is to open the bottom cabinet. If there is a power outage in the electronic locker, the consumer needs to take out the item, then only need to take out the key provided by the seller, and then open the door, there is a button behind each door, just click this button, then The door can be automatically ejected, and consumers can also take out the items. However, in this operation, we have better inquire about the situation stored in the consumers, so as to avoid being cheated.

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