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The maintenance of supermarket lockers is an easy thing to forget. If you want to use your supermarket locker for a longer period of time, the performance will be better and more perfect, and the appearance of the surface will remain bright. The supermarket locker is a must for maintenance and cleaning. Indispensable for a job. Want to learn more please click: Contact us
1. Do not open the window without anything
Open windows less and try to keep the surrounding environment dry. The humidity in the air is brought by the air, while the humidity in the humid air can reach 95%. Opening the windows can reduce the impact of the wet weather. This can make the supermarket lockers around. The environment is relatively dry.
2, the supermarket lockers hit the wax bar, the appearance of the surface to maintain light
Dry cloth wipe and then wax maintenance In order to better maintain the supermarket locker to prevent corrosion of the surface, we can first use a dry rag to photograph the surface of the supermarket locker dust, and then use a wet rag to clean the surface, the entire supermarket locker clean Afterwards, wipe dry with a dry rag. Next, apply the wax to a dry rag, and then evenly apply the wax to the surface and crevices of the locker. This will extend the life of supermarket lockers and reduce the chance of damp and dust in their internal contents.
3, the supermarket locker to suck moisture, add a moisture box to get
Activated charcoal, hygroscopic box and other dry articles use moisture to absorb activated charcoal, hygroscopic box and other dry articles with strong adsorption ability, then it must be regularly cleaned and maintained. This sentence Xiaobian asked very much, of course, is the need for maintenance, we have to wash your face every day it, although it does not need to maintain clean every day, on the supermarket locker for moisture absorption and drying, need to pay attention Yes, these dry articles need to be replaced after use for some time, so as to maintain effective drying capacity.
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