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How to maintain the mobile phone storage cabinet will not rust


Rusty mobile phone storage cabinet is a very difficult problem, so in order to avoid the phenomenon of rust spot rust in the mobile phone storage cabinet, managers should properly maintain the mobile phone storage cabinet, maintenance must first start from the mobile phone storage cabinet processing technology, different The surface treatment process is not the same as the future maintenance. Here we have a detailed understanding of the next.

Mobile phone storage cabinet to avoid rust treatment process:
The first type, titanium plating, high-quality titanium plating is because of the stability of titanium, so it will not appear rust. However, in order to avoid rust, it is better to wipe it in moderation, but it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof condition.
The second type, spray, in the course of use, found dirt, you can wipe it gently with a rag, clean it. Do not spill water on it, but also take care when handling it, and do not use sharp tools to scratch the surface.
The third floor, chrome plating, should also pay attention to water and rust when used. If it is serious, it will fall off the surface. If no measures are taken, the area will be larger. When you are not using it, you should also apply some rust inhibitors to prevent rust.

Mobile phone storage cabinet maintenance methods:
1. During the use of the mobile phone cabinet, it should be cleaned regularly. Daily care can be removed by gently wiping with a clean wet towel.
2. During the use of the mobile phone cabinet, direct collisions and scratches must be avoided.
3. In addition, we must avoid placing the mobile phone cabinet in a humid and watery environment for a long time. Because the moist and watery environment is not only harmful to the deposited items, the damage of the opponent's cabinet itself is also great, and the wet environment can easily cause the corrosion of the mobile phone cabinet.

4, Finally, in order to prevent the oxidation of plastic powder must avoid direct sunlight, to avoid overloaded use. When using mobile phone cabinets, store items according to their actual capacity. Do not exceed the capacity of the mobile phone cabinet to avoid damage to the mobile phone cabinet.

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